How to decorate a Tree like a Professional

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With these easy steps you can make your Christmas Tree look spectacular!!

The biggest tip to decorating a tree is to take your time!!

Follow these steps and you can't go wrong!

  1. Open up
  • Take the tree out of the box. Secure the stand. Assemble the tree from the bottom upwards.
  • Open up the branches. Take the branch and open each branchlet in a different direction. There may not be two branches stuck together. Work your way from the bottom upwards.

Tip 1: Use a rotating tree stand from Santa’s Warehouse to WOW every one and get a 360® view at your tree.

Tip 2: Take your time!! This step is the most important step of all even if it takes hours; make the tree look perfect even without decorations!!

Here are more specific instructions of how to assemble the trees.

Unhinged Trees

 Hinged trees

Shaping all the branches

  1. Lights
  • Start with your lights. Make sure the lights are working before you put them up.
  • Start from the tip of your tree (end with your plug at the bottom).
  • Go around and around the tree with the lights. Make sure the lights are evenly spread. Don't push the lights too far into the tree. Make sure each light is visible and not behind a branch.
  • Now start to hide ALL the wires with the branches. Fold the branches over the wires, but make sure it is not in front of the lights.

Tip: As you go along putting up the lights, stand back and look if the lights are evenly spread out.

  1. Décor
  • When you start with your decorations, start with the biggest decorations first then go smaller decorations and baubles to fill the spaces.
  • If you have ribbon or tinsel, they are first to go onto the tree.
  • After the ribbons you start with your poinsettias and bigger décor items. When you put them in, stand back and see if they fill the perfect space. If not take the time to make it right.
  • Use the smaller décor to fill the spaces in between.
  • After each decoration is put on the tree, stand back and make sure it is on the perfect spot
  • All the decorations must be evenly spread.

Tip: Make sure there are no open gaps that all the décor are evenly spread out.

  1. Tree topper
  • Put your tree topper on the tip of the tree, use a couple of branches to keep it steady.

Tip: If the tree topper is too heavy, fasten a dowel stick to the base of the tree topper and then fasten it to the tree with cable ties.