Add these to make any Dinner magical!!

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Never have a dull dinner again!!

Add these items to any dinner and it will be turned into a beautiful, unforgettable evening.

1. Battery operated candles: 

These are a must have in your home!! These battery-operated candles look like real candles.

The colour and the movement of the “flame’’ are almost identical to a real candle!!

With these there are no mess on table cloths, it is safe and the flame will keep moving even in the strongest winds!

2.  Copper Wire Lights 

These cute little lights are so versatile, you can spread them on a table, put it in a bottle, jar or vase, or you can wrap them around flowers or decorations. You can bend them as you like, so you can even write words with them.

These lights will make any dinner sparkle!!

(Santa’s Warehouse has a big variety of colours and sizes of these copper wire lights)

3.  Balloons with lights 

These are just WOW!! They are clear balloons wrapped in copper wire lights.

These balloons will steal the show at any dinner!!

These work great as a gift, instead of flowers make their day and give them a bunch of balloons.

4. Fairy lights in the garden 

Add a little touch of Fairy lights to convert your garden into something amazing.

Fairy lights can change the atmosphere from dull to warm, cozy and magical.

Like they say: “Everything is better with fairy lights”

(Santa’s Warehouse has all the different types of fairy lights: Indoor, outdoor, solar and battery operated lights) 

5. Bottle Lights 

These are beautiful glass bottles with lights inside that reflects as stars.

They will give a nice cozy and elegant atmosphere, just put them all over on tables and it will brighten up your dinner!!