How to Assemble Balloon Lights

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This is a must-have product hot on our shelves!! These balloons can be used for any dinner, party or wedding AND they make beautiful gifts!!


The balloon kit includes:

·       1 Balloon pole

·       1 Copper Wire Light that fits in the pole

·       1 Clear balloon

You can also get spare balloons (5 balloons per pack) and a balloon pump.

How to assemble the balloon:


It takes about 5 min to assemble.

1: Assemble the pole: Connect the two parts together with the small plastic piece included. Then put the balloon holder at the top of the pole.

2. Unravel the copper wire light and put it through the balloon pole. Pull it through to the other end. Fasten the pole to the battery pack.



3. Stretch the balloon to the sides before inflating.

Use a balloon pump to inflate the balloon.

The balloon can inflate up to 30cm.

4. When it’s inflated, make a knot or use 2 cable ties to fasten the balloon.

 5. Fasten the balloon to the balloon holder:

Twist the leftover piece of balloon and hook it in the hook on the balloon holder.

 6. Wrap the rest of the copper wire around the balloon. The lights will cross the balloon twice.