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With these easy steps you can make your Christmas Tree look spectacular!!

The biggest tip to decorating a tree is to take your time!!

Follow these steps and you can't go wrong!

  1. Open up
  • Take the tree out of the box. Secure the stand. Assemble the tree from the bottom upwards.
  • Open up the branches. Take the branch and open each branchlet in a different direction. There may not be two branches stuck together. Work your way from the bottom upwards.

Tip 1: Use a rotating tree stand from Santa’s Warehouse to WOW every one and get a 360® view at your tree.

Tip 2: Take your time!! This step is the most important step of all even if it takes hours; make the tree look perfect even without decorations!!

Here are more specific instructions of how to assemble the trees.

Unhinged Trees

 Hinged trees

Shaping all the branches

  1. Lights
  • Start with your lights. Make sure the lights are working before you put them up.
  • Start from the tip of your tree (end with your plug at the bottom).
  • Go around and around the tree with the lights. Make sure the lights are evenly spread. Don't push the lights too far into the tree. Make sure each light is visible and not behind a branch.
  • Now start to hide ALL the wires with the branches. Fold the branches over the wires, but make sure it is not in front of the lights.

Tip: As you go along putting up the lights, stand back and look if the lights are evenly spread out.

  1. Décor
  • When you start with your decorations, start with the biggest decorations first then go smaller decorations and baubles to fill the spaces.
  • If you have ribbon or tinsel, they are first to go onto the tree.
  • After the ribbons you start with your poinsettias and bigger décor items. When you put them in, stand back and see if they fill the perfect space. If not take the time to make it right.
  • Use the smaller décor to fill the spaces in between.
  • After each decoration is put on the tree, stand back and make sure it is on the perfect spot
  • All the decorations must be evenly spread.

Tip: Make sure there are no open gaps that all the décor are evenly spread out.

  1. Tree topper
  • Put your tree topper on the tip of the tree, use a couple of branches to keep it steady.

Tip: If the tree topper is too heavy, fasten a dowel stick to the base of the tree topper and then fasten it to the tree with cable ties.


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If you are not staying in Pretoria, but you want to get your hands on some of our lovely products, NO PROBLEM!

You can order online and we can arrange courier services for you through out South Africa!!

Just follow these easy steps:

To Order:

1.       Create an account: Click on Log in / Register then on “Create an Account”.  Complete the form and follow the steps.

2.       Browse through our products and click on the items you would like to order to your cart.

3.       Once completed, click on “Cart”. There you will be able to manage the quantities and products that you have selected.

          You will also see that there is an option if you need courier services or not.  

4.       When all is in order, click  “Proceed to Checkout”

5.       Log in and fill in the necessary information, then click on “Confirm Order”

What Happens Next?

Within 24 hours you will receive a quotation from Santa’s Warehouse confirming stock availability, courier costs (if needed) and banking details.

We accept EFT Payments. As soon as we have received proof of your cleared EFT payment (which can take up to 24 hours), we will send you the Tax Invoice and collection or courier services will be arranged.

Please Note:

·        Courier costs are not included when you order, but we can arrange a courier for you at an extra cost.

·        Courier costs depends on the parcels size, weight and final destination.  

·        Courier services takes 3 – 5 working days for delivery. 

·        Product prices includes VAT


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Never have a dull dinner again!!

Add these items to any dinner and it will be turned into a beautiful, unforgettable evening.

1. Battery operated candles: 

These are a must have in your home!! These battery operated candles look like real candles.

The colour and the movement of the “flame’’ are almost identical to a real candle!!

With these there are no mess on table cloths, it is safe and the flame will keep moving even in the strongest winds!

(Available at Santa’s Warehouse, prices range between R135 and R195 each.)

2.  Copper Wire Lights 

These cute little lights are so versatile, you can spread them on a table, put it in a bottle, jar or vase, or you can wrap them around flowers or decorations. You can bend them as you like, so you can even write words with them.

These lights will make any dinner sparkle!!

(Santa’s Warehouse has a big variety of colours and sizes of these copper wire lights)

3.  Balloons with lights 

These are just WOW!! They are clear balloons wrapped in copper wire lights.

These balloons will steal the show at any dinner!!

These work great as a gift, instead of flowers make their day and give them a bunch of balloons.

(The kit with the balloon, pole and light are only R35 at Santa’s Warehouse)

4. Fairy lights in the garden 

Add a little touch of Fairy lights to convert your garden into something amazing.

Fairy lights can change the atmosphere from dull to warm, cosy and magical.

Like they say: “Everything is better with fairy lights”

(Santa’s Warehouse has all the different types of fairy lights: Indoor, outdoor, solar and battery operated lights) 

5. Bottle Lights 

These are beautiful glass bottles with lights inside that reflects as stars.

They will give a nice cosy and elegant atmosphere, just put them all over on tables and it will brighten up your dinner!!

(These bottles are R95 Each at Santa's Warehouse)


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Ever wondered about the history behind all your favourite Christmas figures?

Well look no further for answers!!

Santa Clause

The legend of Santa Clause derived from a Monk named St. Nicholas.

He was admired for his kindness and helping the poor and sick people.

The word Santa Clause derived from his Dutch name Sinter Klaas.



In German traditions nutcrackers are a symbol of good luck.

It is believed that they protect and guard your home.

Folk tale recounts that a puppet-maker won a nut cracking challenge by creating a doll with a mouth for a lever to crack the nuts.

Decorative nutcrackers became popular in the USA after the Second World War, following the first US production of The Nutcracker ballet in 1940 and the exposure of US soldiers to the dolls during the war.

Christmas Trees

The evergreen tree was traditionally used in Europe as symbol of life in the midst of winter and was used in winter festivals over New Year. Christians see the Christmas tree as a symbol of Everlasting life with God.

Christmas Wreath

Some believe that initially wreaths were hung on doors in Ancient Rome to represent victory. In Christianity, the Christmas wreath was used to symbolize Christ. The circular shape, with no beginning or end, represents eternity or life never ending.

Snow Globes

Snow Globes was invented in 1900 by “accident” by Erwin Perzy

He tried to make a lightbulb shine brighter by putting water and white flakes in the globe to make it reflect more light.

With this he got the idea of a snow globe.


Christmas Stockings

Folklore tells the story of a nobleman whose wife had died, leaving him penniless with three daughters. On Christmas, Saint Nichola s came to their home and saw the girls' stockings hanging to dry above the fireplace. He then filled them with gold.

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This is a must have product hot on our shelves!! These balloons can be used for any dinner, party or wedding AND they make beautiful gifts!!


For only R35 you can get this kit, which includes:

·       1 Balloon pole

·       1 Copper Wire Light that fits in the pole

·       1 Clear balloon

We have spare balloons: R35 for 5 balloons and a balloon pump for R20.

How to assemble the balloon:

It takes about 5 min to assemble.

1: Assemble the pole: Connect the two parts together with the small plastic piece included. Then put the balloon holder at the top of the pole.

2. Unravel the copper wire light and put it through the balloon pole. Pull it through to the other end. Fasten the pole to the battery pack.


3. Stretch the balloon to the sides before inflating.

Use a balloon pump (R20 at Santa’s Warehouse) to inflate the balloon.

The balloon can inflate up to 45cm.

4. When it’s inflated, make a knot or use a 2 cable ties to fasten the balloon.

 5. Fasten the balloon to the balloon holder:

Twist the leftover piece of balloon and hook it in the hook on the balloon holder.

 6. Wrap the rest of the copper wire around the balloon. The lights will cross the balloon twice.