All you need to know about ordering online.

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If you are not staying in Pretoria, but you want to get your hands on some of our lovely products, NO PROBLEM!

You can order online and we can arrange courier services for you through out South Africa!!

Just follow these easy steps:

To Order:

1.       Create an account: Click on Log in / Register then on “Create an Account”.  Complete the form and follow the steps.

2.       Browse through our products and click on the items you would like to order to your cart.

3.       Once completed, click on “Cart”. There you will be able to manage the quantities and products that you have selected.

          You will also see that there is an option if you need courier services or not.  

4.       When all is in order, click  “Proceed to Checkout”

5.       Log in and fill in the necessary information, then click on “Confirm Order”

What Happens Next?

Within 24 hours you will receive a quotation from Santa’s Warehouse confirming stock availability, courier costs (if needed) and banking details.

We accept EFT Payments. As soon as we have received proof of your cleared EFT payment (which can take up to 24 hours), we will send you the Tax Invoice and collection or courier services will be arranged.

Please Note:

·        Courier costs are not included when you order, but we can arrange a courier for you at an extra cost.

·        Courier costs depends on the parcels size, weight and final destination.  

·        Courier services takes 3 – 5 working days for delivery. 

·        Product prices includes VAT