What do we do the rest of the year?

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What do we do the rest of the year?

Santa’s Warehouse is a dedicated Christmas shop that is open all year round. Now you would ask yourself: “Then what do they do the rest of the year?

What we can assure you of is that there is never a dull moment at Santa’s Warehouse!! Here is an idea of what we keep ourselves busy with:

In the beginning of the year we start off by doing a bit of spring cleaning after all the fun we had from the Christmas Season. Every one does their bit to get the shop perfect and sparkly again.

During the year we keep ourselves busy by visiting Trade Shows and ordering all the new goodies for the shop for Christmas. We try to get a unique range and wide variety of quality products that will suit any persons' Christmas style.

July is the time everyone is waiting for : The CHRISTMAS IN JULY SALE!! The shop has a festive feel with all the items on sale. There is also a big Bargain Corner!! Santa’s Warehouse is the place to be in July. Get all your lights and décor with discounted prices!!

After our Christmas in July Sale all our new stock arrives. This time feels like Christmas for us, as we are very exited about all our new products.  The showroom change and gets a whole new look.

From October the start of the season arrive!! The early shoppers come with excitement and joy and start their planning for Christmas.

During November and December the shop is consistently full of smiling faces. The showroom is filled with Christmas Spirit! Santa’s Warehouse is just the right place to be if you want to be filled with cheer and excitement. Bring the kids for a real Christmas Wonderland Experience!!

From 25Desember to January when the school opens is the time our elves rest and get ready and refreshed to start planning for the next years’ Christmas